Meetings or renting a space for an event is possible at Hotel Nieuw Antiek. We have 2 historical spaces including facilities.

De Lindezaal

60 m2

The heart of the hotel is De Lindezaal, named after the Linde trees that surround the room. In the past, this part of the inn was used to dine in style.

Built in 1902 with references to the rich past. The hall with oak wooden floor, the authentic fireplace and the stained glass windows give the room a special look.

Het Salon


Have a meeting in 1930s style. It is possible in Het Salon of Hotel Nieuw Antiek. The restaurant’s former Anti-Chambre is now a multifunctional Salon, suitable for 5 to 25 people. We recommend the Salon for a small-scale (book, music, product) presentation, performance or 1 on 1 conversation.

Equipped with characteristic stained glass, bar and a real fireplace, this room is also suitable for meetings or training sessions.

Cooking workshops

It is also possible to do cooking workshops in our professional kitchen led by chef Reiner Manstetten ( You then prepare, with your team, club of friends or family, a 3 or 4 course dinner with regional and seasonal products and then dine together in our historic restaurant.


Mariaplein 1
5988 CH Helden
+31 (0) 77 306 72 00


Reception: 8.00 – 20.00 h
Hotel: 24/7

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